Rhodens Great Danes (RHGD)

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Past Puppies Page

This page is designed to show you some danes we have produced in the past.

Maggie,  merle female. Prima & Chevy daughter.

Ava,  harlequin female. Cinder & Ch. Gunner daughter.

Gooch, harlequin male. Crystal and Denali son.

Gabe, harlequin male.  Autumn & Remy son.  

Gabe, harlequin male.   Autumn and Remy son.

Gracie,  Sunni & Ch. Jag daughter

Eli,  Sunni & Ch. Jag son.

Chevy,  Gracie & GCH. Rio son

Chevy,  Gracie & GCH. Rio son.

Ch. Jag,  Raison & Ace son.

Crystal,  sister to Ch.  Gunner.  A Autumn and Ch. Jag daughter.

INT'L Ch. AKC Pointed ,  Jinx.  Crystal and Eli daughter.

Faith,  Gracie and GCH. Rio daughter.

Sampson,  Gracie & GCH. Rio son.

Baby Ch. Gunner AOM

Crystal,   Autumn & Ch. Jag daughter.  

Addie,  Gracie & Denali baby girl.

Louie,  Jewel  & Eli son.  

Apollo,  Crystal and Denali son.

King,   Gracie & GCH. Rio son

Rilee,   Gracie & Denali son

Ch. Gunner AOM

Vash,  Cinder & Eli daughter.

Tyke,  Gracie & Denali son.

Rubee,  Cinder & Eli daughter.

Zen,  Jewel and Eli son.

Moby,   Prima and Chevy daughter.

Lark,  Prima and Ch. Gunner daughter

Ava, Cinder & Ch. Gunner daughter

Ava,  Cinder & Ch. Gunner daughter

Ava, Cinder & Ch. Gunner daughter.

Olive,  Prima and Chevy daughter

Ivy,  Crystal and Eli daughter

Gabe,  Autumn & Remy