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Our policies

This policies page defines what is expected when you purchase a Rhodens Great Dane.  Many of your questions can be answered here.  

*** Please note,  shipping via Airlines may be effected by Covid 19 .   Shipping is not guaranteed via airlines.  If you decide on purchasing a puppy from me, please make sure you are able to drive to pick up the puppy or hire a ground transport service to pick up for you.  I do not arrange ground transports,  that is up to the new owner only.   I can point you to a few that past clients have used and recommend but that is all I can do.  I am not liable for your choice in ground transport.  

** My location is Sheridan, Arkansas 72150

** I am following social distancing recommendations as I, along with my family have to stay healthy during this Covid 19  !  My dogs and family depend on me. I appreciate your understanding of my changes with my policies.  The care of my danes depends solely on me and if I am sick, I still have to care for my danes.   My health,  the health of my son (who is an essential worker) and my Great Danes are my priority.  I hope you understand.  My pick up guidelines have drastically changed.  I use to allow people in to view the dogs and sit and chat for hours.  I am no longer able to do that due to Covid 19,  I am able to provide you with videos and photos of our danes and puppies.   When a client comes to pick up a puppy,  I will ask that you wear a mask and we will social distance.  We will be confined to one area outside and all information you need for your puppy will be given via the internet, of course I am open to questions but we will keep our pick up as short as possible. I will be available for the life of your great dane via phone or internet for questions.   Typically with a litter going home,   I will come into contact with several ground transport services and people coming from out of state.  So my policies are not just for my protection but for your protection as well.  So I thank you for your understanding.  

* Deposits to hold puppies are non refundable,  so please be sure of your choice when you place a deposit to hold a baby. Deposit amount is based upon the total price of the puppy, but no less than $500.  Sometimes a deposit is the entire balance of the puppy. I want to make sure you are totally committed to the puppy you choose. When you place a deposit, I expect all agreements to be honored. We expect your your puppy to go home either pick up or shipping (air or ground) at 8 weeks of age.  If you back out of deciding to get the puppy,  not paying for the puppy or anything other than making final payments and/or final arrangements on your puppy, you will not be refunded any money what so ever! I will not hold your puppy any longer than 8 weeks unless previously agreed upon and a boarding fee of  $20 per day the puppy is past the pick up age.  I realize people traveling out of state need a little flexibility when traveling and I understand that, however you have 8 weeks to get ready for this event of your puppy going home.  We expect if you are wanting & ready for a puppy, we expect you to be 100% ready for that puppy by 8 weeks of age.   We can ship via United Airlines (pending airline rules apply- they change often),  we can also use Delta Airlines ( pending airline rules apply- they change often) out of Little Rock National Airport certain times of the year.  All puppies being shipped, shipping costs are to be paid by 7 weeks (no later than 7 weeks) of age in order to get shipping arrangements finalized by 8 weeks. If your puppy is not paid in time for shipping (unless agreed upon arrangements have been made in writing),  you will loose your deposit and the puppy is available to the next qualified/approved home.  You are more than welcome to pick up your puppy in person,  in fact that is the preferred method in our opinion.  So we can meet the new owners in person.   Ask us about shipping fee's as they may change at any time,  shipping fees are determined by the airlines, not us. Note that shipping is not guaranteed as this is up to the airlines,  not us.  They have rules and restrictions that change often.  Deposits will not be refunded if we are unable to ship your puppy.  If you are picking up your puppy in person,  you can pay the balance (minus the deposit fee) at the time of pick up.   If you are needing shipping via the airlines, once a deposit is made then I will call about shipping options.  Sorry due to long wait times upon calling the airlines,  I wont be calling the airport multiple times asking shipping questions unless you are 100% getting a puppy from me & have placed a deposit to purchase one of our babies.  If you just have shipping questions prior to knowing you want a puppy from us,  you  may call the airlines directly and ask any questions you may have regarding shipping.  We ship out of Little Rock National Airport, in Arkansas.

United Airlines # 1-800-575-3335   or Delta 1-800-352-2746

*Puppies will be up to date on vaccines/deworming/health care.   We start potty training the puppies around 5 weeks of age, this helps them become acclimated to going potty outside.  They are raised indoors with lots of TLC. We take great care of the puppies and provide everything we can for them.   We have produced many AKC Champions and International Champions but we do not guarantee show quality as that cant be fully decided until 6 months to 2 years of age.  All we can do is provide show prospects with full akc registration to approved/qualified homes. It is up to the new owners to train, socialize and condition puppies for showing.  I do not guarantee temperament as our puppies parents, grand parents and great grand parents have amazing temperaments. We show our dogs and have for years !  Our temperaments are verified!  It is up to the new owners to love, train & socialize your puppy.  It is normal for puppies to be nervous the first week they go to their new homes (by pick up or shipping), this is normal !  It is up to you, to love, bond, train and socialize your puppy. I have purchased puppies from all over the world,  every puppy I have ever purchased is hesitant of his/her new home/family ,  with proper love, bonding, conditioning and socialization they have adjusted just fine. I expect the same from my new puppy parents as well.  

*Prices for show prospects are more expensive than companions.  Prices are based on color/sex and if pet or show prospects.  All of our companion puppies are placed with limited akc registration on spay/neuter agreements and are placed in companion homes only,  no breeding is to be done from companion puppies.   Breeding prospects are upon approval.  Prices for each puppy will be listed on the puppy page when we have puppies available.

*All vaccine and health care records will be provided at time of pick up or shipping. 

*I do not remove dewclaws

* I do not provide cropping for our puppies.  It is possible I can help you located a vet that will crop, feel free to ask.  But I will not crop puppies prior to going home.  Owners and vet's who crop need to build a relationship since cropping is only half the process of beautifully standing ears.  Lots of after care is involved and you need to work directly with the vet who cropped to get those ears to stand correctly.

*Visitors are welcome by appointment only, AFTER the puppies have had their first vaccine.  And I still will use precautions to keep our puppies safe from exposure.  I realize that some people who search for their new family member will visit multiple breeders and this can cause indirect exposure to potential diseases.  I take extra precautions with our puppies until they are fully immunized.

* I do not own cats and I do not have young children, however 95% of our puppies go to homes with young children.  My puppies are loved/handled daily and cared for in our home.  I will also start the potty training process at 5 weeks of age.  Any off-property socializing will take place after they have had their vaccinations.

*I plan to update photos and/or videos weekly.  I have limited help with photos and I will do the very best I can.  Please do not become impatient with that as I have other obligations in my life.   I will do my best to provide you with plenty of photos. I have a face book page set up for just that very reason, you will often find  lots of videos and photos posted here  https://www.facebook.com/rhodensgreatdanes/

If you have any questions  please feel free to e mail me trhoden1@windstream.net